Debates about creation are rampant these days, but I’m not here to weigh in on the nuts and bolts of how the universe started. Instead, I want to focus on important lessons we learn from the fact there was a creation. It reveals a lot about the very nature of God.

If a refresher is needed from the Biblical account of creation click here to read Genesis 1-2.

10 things we learn about God from creation

There was a beginning. There’s some debate about what “beginning” means when applied to the physical world. Some stand firm on the belief that the universe always existed or is one of many dimensions – and there are other theories — but it’s generally accepted that time and space had a beginning

There is a higher being outside of time, space, energy and matter. If they had a beginning, then the Creator had to be outside all of these. You can’t create something from already inside it.

God can choose. A choice had to be made to basically go from nothing to something.

God is intelligent. There’s a lot of “stuff” is the universe and a lot of “stuff” that allows the first “stuff” to exist. Just think about the intelligence behind the four fundamental forces.

God is creative. Pretty self-explanatory. Just think about the incredible variety of “stuff” in the universe right up and including us.

God is artistic. In this existence we get colors, fragrances, music, poetry, dancing … the list goes on and on. We are surrounded by beauty every day.

God is a God of order. When we talk about chaos what we really mean is we don’t understand it yet. But the universe works on patterns of order. Planets keep orbiting sun(s), the Earth keeps spinning, the moon keeps orbiting the Earth, fundamental forces keep doing their thing. You get the picture.

God wants us to understand His greatness. To say the universe is a big place is the understatement of the millennium. And we have been given the desire to understand and the ability to discover the universe.

God loves us. While many people cling to the rationale that random occurrences over a vast amount of time led to us, that’s a hard sell. The number of the “things” that had to go right for life to be created, then the number of “things” that must continue to go right for our continued existence, is – well – astronomical. So, if we are the reason God chose to create the universe and us, and us in His image, then that displays a love we cannot imagine.

God made us in His image. Looking back at Nos. 3-9, we see attributes of God that all of us possess. We can choose. We are intelligent (don’t let anyone tell you differently). We are creative and artistic. We can create order (my shopping list is a thing of beauty). We can discover and understand God’s greatness (just look at the earth or space or a new-born baby and think about how complex they are). We can love.


I narrowed it to 10, but if meditated upon, I’m sure this list would grow exponentially.

I love what Dr. Terry Mortenson writes in an article titled “What can we learn about God from creation?”

“Creation tells us that God is living, personal, all-powerful, infinite, brilliantly intelligent, wise, righteous, good, gracious, moral, sovereign and eternal.”

Click here to read the entire article.

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