There are many ways we can worship and praise the Lord. The first thing that usually comes to mind is music. I haven’t been to a Christian church yet that didn’t sing hymns or praise songs (sometimes both). You can sing, dance, study the Bible … the list goes on and on.

My favorite way: Pot-luck dinners. Give me 20 food options and that, my friends, is Heaven on Earth.

What about comedy, though? That may be my second-favorite way. Few others, if anybody, would pull that one out of their hat. I contend that a good laugh mixed with a lesson is often the perfect prescription.

I’ve been blessed to have attended churches where comedy was often on the menu, but in case you haven’t, here’s some online suggestions to tickle your funny bone. These are 3 of my favorite comedians (in no order):

Tim Hawkins

This former truck driver has so many talents. He’s not only a great comedian, but a great storyteller and musician. His parody songs are top-notch. “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife” is my favorite. He’s very relatable and his delivery is perfect.

Chonda Pierce

The first thing us guys will notice about her is the lack of men in the audience. That’s a crime. She’s so funny we need to turn out more for her. Sure, she’ll probably pick on us, but boy is it hilarious. And don’t worry, she’ll pick on the rest of the audience as well. Her delivery is impeccable and it’s obvious she’s having so much fun on stage.

Skit Guys

It would be impossible to not include these guys. Not only do they provide important messages about Jesus, the Bible and everyday life, but they do it in an entertaining and often hilarious way. They have so many great skits, but “Mom Goggles” has to be my favorite. As a dad I needed them often. Eddie James and Tommy Woodard have taken Christian skits to a whole new level.

Don’t stop with just these, however. Keep searching because there are so many hilarious Christian comedians out there. I’m sure you’ll find plenty that will tickle your funny bone. And who knows; maybe at the next pot-luck dinner throw in a joke or two.

Feature image by Pierre Rosa from Pixabay