It’s important to make church fun.

Not to the point where we’re disruptive – spending time with, worshipping and praising God is Job 1.

Making church fun, however, may entice us to spend more time doing Job 1, and may make non-believers more inclined to join the festivities.

I can only speak from the male perspective, so my better half will give the female perspective next week. I also have limited experience on the subject as I’m just 10 years in as a believer.

Nonetheless, here’s some things I have found most enjoyable:

Drama Club

I love writing. I love acting. I love God’s Word. Combine the three and it’s my paradise.

I was lucky enough to have a great support system writing skits, from the church leadership to the laypeople. Combine that with a very talented drama club and we were able to produce skits every two months for a total of 21 skits before we disbanded. Maybe some day we can restart it.

The drama club got along great and, most important, did an outstanding job of revealing and glorifying God through the skits. Bible study is still my main passion, but drama club was a great way to make church fun.

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Youth Group

You don’t have to be stuck in my second-grade mentality to enjoy hanging out with youths, but it sure helps. Volunteering to play tag and chess and checkers — and much more — is a great life.

I never led a youth group, but if that’s a calling it is even more rewarding. I’ve been lucky to hang around some excellent youth group leaders, and it’s truly inspiring.

Bringing God’s word to the next generation is so important but giving them a solid foundation on which to build their lives is probably my biggest reward.

Plus, I have a new audience for all my Christian dad jokes.

Side note: There’s some really, really good 14-year-old chess players, so learn to lose with humility early on.

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Guess what? Even if you can’t sing you can still be in a church choir. They’ll just let you in. All you need to do is sing with your heart and spirit pointed toward God and you’ll fit right in.

Carrying a tune is far from my strong suit. Singing is not. I have passion. A lot of it. And I found out that’s all you need. Hint: Smiles also go a long way when you’re singing and praising the Lord.

Funny story: I didn’t know how to read music when I started, so I wasn’t always sure when I was supposed to sing or not. There was a 16-year-old young woman on the riser in front of me who was one of the best singers I’ve personally been around, so she would elbow me in the knee when it was time for me to belt out some tunes or be silent. Luckily, by the time she went off to college I had learned how to read music, so her services, albeit sometimes a little painful in the kneecap, were no longer needed.

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Join/start small groups

Everybody has a passion and a talent (some more than one), and usually there are others who share the same passion and talent. Maybe it’s sewing, or cooking, or just being a goofball who likes putting on skits. Whatever you like, try to join or start a church group doing it.

I was surprised at how many people like some of the same things I do.

As a bonus, small groups often have a big payoff for others. Like to shop? There’s usually a group that shops for people who can’t get around easily. Like to talk (that’s me)? Visiting people homebound or in assisted living facilities provides a great audience. Like to cook? Some people can’t cook for themselves anymore. And there’s so much more.

I love smaller groups because I feel we bond much tighter than with larger groups.

Click here about forming a new church group.


This list could be almost endless, but hopefully it puts us in a frame of mind to make church fun. I believe it is so important to do so. Church should never be something “I have to do” every Sunday. It should be something “I want to do” multiple times a week.

Do be careful not to burn yourself out, though. That’s no fun at all. But don’t be stagnant, either. There’s plenty of life in churches. Become a part of it in ways you enjoy.

I believe with my whole heart God did not create existence for us to trudge through, but to enjoy as much as possible.

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Image by Jörg Möller from Pixabay