The importance of having a church home cannot be overstated.

Even if your church base is just a small gathering at someone’s home, attend often, get involved and support, support, support.

I could come up with 100 reasons to have a church home but will only touch on 3 here.

And you can take it from me because COVID-19 and now my job – at least for the moment – have taken me away from my church home. You could say I’m feeling a little lost (pun intended).


Little compares to the power of encouraging others and being encouraged by others.

First and foremost, there will be times when our faith is going to be challenged as the struggles of life take their toll on our often-wearied souls. A church community is vital at these times.

Secondly, I know people who never knew they had certain talents and abilities until they were encouraged to leap out of their comfort zone. When surrounded by love, it’s much easier to take that first step. And people just may be surprised at how talented they really are.


I love to talk, and I love to listen. I have lots of stories and I love listening to other’s stories.

But the real benefit of fellowship, in a nutshell: In the darkest hour, you’re never alone. And when someone else is in their darkest hour, they can lean on us, which is itself therapeutic for us. On the flip side, there’s always someone to celebrate successes, or to cheer along the way. Of course, celebrating other’s successes and being their cheerleader can be just as enjoyable.


There’s always more to learn. People spend their entire lives studying the Bible and still don’t have all the answers.

Getting multiple perspectives can both enlighten and educate way more than trying to go it alone. As an example, when writing skits or leading a Bible study I try to place people, mentally, in the situation Biblical figures faced at the time.

Some other benefits of a church home: Setting aside a dedicated time (or times) each week to worship, praise and become closer to God; prayer, prayer and prayer; to see children being children with other children while learning a moral foundation; and if you’ve read my blogs before you’ll recognize this as one of my favorites — pot-luck dinners.

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Image by Colin Maynard