Few things have been as rewarding in my Christian life as writing, directing and acting in skits. Leading people to Christ is, of course, No. 1, but using skits as teaching moments ranks high.

I love to study God’s word, and while teaching Bible classes is also rewarding, using drama to bring the message is tops in my eyes. It also allows other people to be part of my vision, from actors to sound technicians to church leadership.

There’s something special about seeing your words come to life on stage.

Hopefully other people have gotten as much out of this experience as I have.

My only regret is not filming more of the skits. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about it until we had performed a dozen or more.

So, here’s my journey from concept to performances.

In the beginning

I dedicated my life to Christ about 10 years ago. Soon after doing so, I started having visions during prayer time, which for me is actually meditating with God.

One particular day, on a 10-mile run, the visions were quite vivid. I often journaled what came to me during prayer time, so I wrote down these visions as best I could recall. After days of praying about them, and much more journaling, I turned the visions into three short skits.

During a Drama Club meeting, the pastor said he would love to see the club perform their own skits instead of ones purchased. He felt it would give the performances a little more personal touch.

I raised my hand and said I haver three of them already written.

The following week the club met again, and we read over the three skits, choosing one to perform. We set a goal of being ready in two months, giving us eight practices.

The performances

Two months later, we performed the first skit and the congregation loved it.

During the two months I had written more skits, all coming to me while running or during meditation time with God.

We performed skits for almost four years.

Most of the skits start off with humor before imparting an important message. They lasted around 8 minutes each.

Our first skit was about how hard it can be to talk to non-believers about Jesus, but about how important it is.

Another skit included a dating game, where two of the bachelors were Jesus and Satan. Satan’s answers were just what our bachelorette wanted to hear so, as we often do, she made the wrong choice.

The most outrageous skit was a boxing match between Jesus and Satan, illustrating that when we turn our lives over to Jesus, He fights our spiritual battles for us. We actually had a short boxing match.

The funniest was about gossiping. The performers really ran with the script and was able to turn off the humor perfectly to get the point across of just how damaging gossip can be.

Click here for an example of one of our skits.

Passion play

I wrote a 20-minute passion play that we performed at a special Maundy Thursday service. A bloodied Jesus was moments from crucifixion while some of his followers spoke to the audience about what Jesus’ life and death meant to them.

After their testimony, Jesus was drug off stage by the Romans to be crucified before the skit culminated with His resurrection.


Drama can be a wonderful teaching tool and can be even more effective when it’s created in house. Give it a try.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own skits, I suggest checking out the Skit Guys website. They have tools to get you started. They’re simply amazing.

Just make sure to film the skits so you can watch them over and over. I miss being able to do that.

Hopefully there’s many more skits in me to write, direct and perform. I haven’t written one for a while, but I know God’s not done with me yet.